Peartree Leather Co. believes that every product should come with a lifetime warranty. We are confident in the quality of our workmanship. For that reason, we offer free repairs for life. 

Sometimes things happen, a clasp may break, stitching might come undone, leather may tear, and for all these we have got you covered. But we can't cover everything. If you're housesitting your neighbours cat and it makes a scratching pad of your journal cover, or if your niece decides to customize your clutch with her new permanent marker set, or your disgruntled employee throws your wallet over a class, well, that's on you. 

Simply send us an email with "Repairs" in the subject box. We will send you a reply with info on how to ship the item to us. 

Shipping must be paid by the customer. 

We only fix Peartree Leather Co. items.