We believe our world is inspiring.


Chris and Tracy (left) founded Peartree was in January of 2014. They started the company in Hamilton, Ontario, and spent time developing products and fine-tuning designs from their home in Hamilton and from their cabin in Nova Scotia.

The brand has always been influenced by nature, focusing on beauty and utility held in delicate balance.

Abby and Andrew (right) joined the team in 2017, assisting in product creation and sales. 

               We believe in slowing down.  

For something to be handmade takes time. Time is the cost of doing things right, and doing things well.

Sometimes when we are told something was handmade it means that the items have been put through a sewing machine by hand, or that one aspect of the crafting was done by hand. 

At Peartree Leather Co. handmade means not a single machine has touched your leather goods. All the patterns are made by hand, marked by hand, cut out by hand, and stitched by hand. It takes time, but we believe that it's worth it.

We believe that the future is important. 

Peartree Leather Co. seeks to create a product you will always love. While the world of fashion and technology is constantly changing, moving and advancing, our products are a steady presence to accompany you along this quickly moving whirlwind of a ride called life.

We believe that we are stewards of our world and time and want to use what we have well.

We may not get a Dragon's Den deal with our business model, but we believe that when you buy a product, it should last.

Any questions about what we do?

Email us at peartreeleather@gmail.com