we choose quality

we choose to make every peartree leather co. product with full-grain Horween leather.

but what the heck does that mean?

Full-grain: not all leather is created equal. there is a scale of quality ranging from bonded leather, to genuine, top-grain and then full-grain. full-grain leather is when the strongest part of a hide is used with nothing shaved away to hide imperfections. this means you may see a scar here or a stamp there, the whole life of the leather is laid out before you. full-grain leather is strong, honest, and beautiful.

Horween: you may have heard of horween leather before, or maybe not. Horween leather co. is based out of Chicago and has been producing world class leather since 1905. They don’t cut corners in their processes and do much of the work by hand as they have been doing for nearly 100 years. we like that.

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