Soaking it in

This week we began to “soak it all in” and tried to fully appreciate the beauty around us and not take our environment and time here (of what we have left) for granted. We had some rainy days, but also some really warm and sunny days. Wet and chillier days can sometimes feel too slow, uncomfortable, and a little discouraging. But they can also bring some of the best times for Tracy and I. It gives us the opportunity to acknowledge that some things we just can’t control (like the weather) and it gives space for a day on the cabin porch, having some great conversations and do some serious reading- two things we would normally do far too less of. However, we are continually surprised at how much our moods lighten once we see the sun and things start to warm up. This week we tried to take full advantage and did some extra biking days into town. We even found a sweet little family-run restaurant on the ocean that serves ice cream, just a little ways down the road.

Nice days also mean that I can get a fire going to cook over. This past Tuesday Tracy and I celebrated our 3rd year wedding anniversary, so we made a special meal with scallops and homemade pasta noodles. We even treated ourselves to a bottle of wine and took a little extra care in our meal preparations, which we love to do together. 

Yesterday was our last Friday here and it was time to say goodbye to the Chester farmer’s market. It’s been a huge blessings to us, not only for the fresh food, but also for the inspiration we get from local artisans and the culture here on the coast. There seems to be a great appreciation and long history of local crafting here and we loved how it has encouraged us to keep creating and support local makers. We are especially inspired by those we have met here, but also those back in Hamilton who are driven to make their small business known and really put the long hours into perfecting their products. Here’s a glimpse of the work of two our favourites, David, who we met the first Friday we were here, and Kat, who we were so pleased to meet yesterday, our last Friday. 

Have a great week and look forward to a sum up of our experience here next week.