These past two weeks...

Two weeks ago we said that we were looking forward to getting back into our routine... That didn’t happen... at least for the first few days. The weather was looking poor and it was time to do some admin work, so Tracy and I made our way into Halifax for the first bit of the week. We had a great few days relaxing in the city with cousins, aunts, and uncles. But coming back into our routine last Thursday was refreshing and we were excited for one of our favourite days here - Friday. 

Every Friday morning, Tracy and I jump on our bikes for an hour and head into the small town of Chester.  After the blog has been updated and email has been checked at a local coffee shop (or sometimes even at the convenience store ;) ), we head to the farmer’s market. It’s always great place to be. Visitors are excited to buy and the vendors are proud of what they are selling. We love meeting the people who have grown or prepared our food, plus it tastes so good! 

One thing that amazes us is how little not having a fridge has affected our meals here. We have simply been more aware of what and how much we eat and try to plan out our meals for the week. Fresh eggs and vegetables, which we would normally throw in the fridge at home, can easily be kept on the counter and canned or dry goods are always an option. If we want to have meat or dairy we buy only what we can eat that same day or the next. We’ve also enjoyed some fresh herbs and lettuce from our small garden as well. The soil here is quite sandy so it has been slow going for the rest of what we planted. 

Even though there is still the temptation to buy processed foods and eat junk foods (we still love our chips and chocolate!) we have grown to also love being more intentional about the food we eat, which starts with this first step of carefully choosing where to shop. 

Appreciating good foods and carefully put together meals is really important to us here, and we hope we can carry that with us when we return to Hamilton. We find it helps us to focus on our day to day tasks, but also to enjoy the time we have here and the beauty around us. 

Eating local foods, being more active, and even reading instead of watching tv at night are all things that have been slowing changing how we view the daily routine and the simple life. It has taken us awhile, but we are slowing learning how simplicity is not something you can gain possession of, but something to cultivate and live out. It's not constrained to a particular living arrangement or setting, but a mindset that can be held in any environment. 

These few weeks we have been sleeping in our tent when we can (instead of the cabin). Wild blueberries have also been popping up everywhere and the river is filling up again from all the rain we’ve been getting. Despite all the rain, we had a couple really nice days where we could also catch up on laundry and soak up some heat. 

Have a great week everyone and happy August!