Cabot Trail

The past month has been filled with family and friends. We’ve been spending time with people almost non-stop since mid-June and things are finally starting to slow down.

This week was spent with some of Tracy’s family. We managed to take a road trip out to Cape Breton to see the beautiful coastline and old fishing towns along the Cabot Trail. 

We also got to stop in at a place called Louisbourg, a 18th century fortress that was settled by the French. We took our time walking through the simple, yet stunning buildings which all served a specific purpose for the community of soldiers and families. All the houses were built with timber frame and stones. Though the construction of these places was basic, it was beautiful because of the way all the natural materials would wear and age.

Tracy’s parents and brother left yesterday, and now that family has left, Tracy and I are looking forward to being on our own again. It’s been great having everyone down, but now we’re excited to get back into our routine. Our week will again be taken up by cooking, building fires, and making leather goods from our Kickstarter campaign. Looking forward to what this week will bring!