Slim Wallet

This week has been spent (among other things) building wallets. It’s been nice to sit down and work on a big batch of items. The repetition and tediousness of each task helps me focus on my work. 

Our wallets are simple pieces. Sometimes it's easier to describe something by saying what it is not. Our wallets aren’t big, they don’t carry change, they don’t fit all your receipts from the week. There are a lot of things that our wallet isn’t designed for. But that’s also where its beauty comes from. It has been built for one simple task of carrying around a minimal set of cards. It helps with organization and diminishes the wad that you used to sit on. For these reasons my brother-in-law has been using one of these wallets for a while now. We love to simplify, and this was a great way for me to simplify my own wallet and we wanted to pass that on to everyone else. 

These past weeks have been spent with friends and family, and we're looking forward to yet another week of that. It’s great that being here has drawn out friends and family, where meals can be shared and laughs can fill what would otherwise be quiet evenings.