Peartree was founded in January of 2014. Started in Hamilton, Peartree has spent over a year fine-tuning their designs. Chris and Tracy spent this past summer living in the woods of Nova Scotia, using that time to bring simplicity to their lives and designs. The brand has always been influenced by nature, focusing on beauty and utility held in delicate balance.

Peartree Leather Co. Envelope Clutch

Chris and his wife now live in Hamilton. From there, Chris runs Peartree Leather Co.





The term handmade tends to be used loosely. Sometimes it means that the items have been put through a sewing machine by hand, or that one aspect of the crafting was done by hand. 

At Peartree Leather Co. we are absolute purists. This means that when we say handmade, it means not a single machine has touched your leather goods. All the patterns are made by hand, marked by hand, cut out by hand, and stitched by hand. We're not kidding when we say that we take pride in our work.